Sunday, October 19, 2014

Our Magical Adventure

 Our first stop was Animal Kingdom.
 I love these magic shots! Even met TInk later this day.
Dancing with Olaf!

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Random Facts

1) We started planning this holiday in January.
2) I think the pink nail polish I am currently wearing is too girly girly for me.
3) I'm 30 in 3 months.
4) I hope the memory card space for 2,500  photographs is enough for our next holiday.
5) I ordered some stuff from where I work (first time in 3 years of being there) and it wasn't marked as a staff order, so was posted to us (should have arrived today) and it hasn't arrived yet.
6) Looking forward to some warm crafting on cold days.
7) I'm trying to contain my excitement about our holiday so that I can enjoy it fully.
8) My favorite color is pink.
9) I'm going to Disney World (for the fifth time - twice to paris, third to orlando)
10) I'm going to WALT DISNEY WORLD.