Tuesday, November 26, 2013

smile layout

I just finished this easy and simple layout of Layne from a few weeks ago.  I drew some circles in the Silhouette program to go down the left side of the page and stamped a pattern onto cream cardstock to go behind.  A few doodled circles too... and I cut out the 'smile' title from the Silhouette too.

Loving using this new tool! The 'love you' speech bubble is a Silhouette cut too.

For about the last six months, layouts don't feel right if there isn't any journalling so I created a flap so I can put the journalling behind the photograph.

Love Layne! When you ask him for a big smile you get this big wonderful grin and he squints his eyes shut!

Sunday, October 20, 2013

What I'm Working On Today.

Time to start printing out photographs and getting some memories scrapped for the big album.We went on a family holiday with ScrapMap and Paper and Scrap Cruise.
On the beach in Fort Lauderdale
Sail away on Oasis of the Seas.
In Jamiaca climbing a waterfall.
On an eco beach in Mexico.
Back in Fort Lauderdale.  I love dry land! I found out that I don't really like cruising.  I like the idea of traveling and seeing different places without having to drag any luggage around but I need calm seas!

Sunday, August 4, 2013


No post for a while... sorry...

I've just managed to keep my scrapbooking up to date during these stuffy hot days.

Been obsessing about the upcoming holiday too...

Really hope to get into a good blogging routine soon...

Sunday, June 9, 2013


Beautiful view.
From the patio on Friday morning.
About 9am.

Just hold the camera
and click.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Garden Goddess

My Mom finally got her new shed! So she's/we've been busy painting and re-felting the roof etc. She wanted me to get lots of photographs of her hammering the felt into the roof!
It was a lovely sunny day and the roofing felt gets all nice and warm... heavenly lying against it...
I've been trying to remember what I learnt at the retreat a few months ago and try out new techniques.  I was washi tape as borders and used a hexagon template to draw shapes - some were covered and trimmed to size with washi tape (does that make sense) and some were stitched.
The white AC Thickers don't tend to stay stuck with me so I put one stitch on each letter to hold it there.
The photograph is a flap with journaling on the other and this group of other photographs.

So excited about doing this Camp Scrap class next month. I usually don;t finish online classes so hoping the summer warmth and sunshine will help me scrap! This class I'm not sure about... I think it would be good to get more/better use out of my phone camera....

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Sarah's Card Sketch Challenge

 Finally got around to reading Life Of Pi and thought this would be good for a simple layout for the challenge at Sarah's Cards. I really want to see the dvd now!
 This is the 28th book I've read this year.  The "this years book #" is just below and free for your personal use.

The chevron stamp border, I carved out of a rubber stamp a few weeks ago.  I really like making my own stamps now and then.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Liberation Day

Liberation Day 2013

Thursday 9 May 2013 will mark the 68th anniversary of the Liberation of Guernsey from the occupying German Forces after five long dark years. Liberation Day continues to be an important and poignant day in the history of the Island. Families, friends and visitors to Guernsey celebrate the priceless concept of freedom and enjoy a day filled with the pageantry of Church and Military Vehicle parades as well as wide range of entertainment and activity for all age groups.

 Not just a day off work.  The day when the Germans left Guernsey and we were liberated! Thinking about how to do this as an insert for Project Life.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

50 Books

 I had planned to blog about this monthly but for some reason or other I never got around to it.  My aim to read 50 books this year is going along good.  I am up to book 21 (I haven't updated the list yet). Last year I aimed to read 100 books!! and got to book 38 so 50 should be doable.
My Mom is doing this with me this year and she is on book 28!  Why does reading have to make me sleepy??? Most of the books I have read are on my Kindle... I like how easy a Kindle makes reading.  It's easier to hold and amazing to have a huge selection of books just waiting to be purchased!

Want to keep track of all your reading with me?

Garden Filler PL Cards - FREEBIES

I've been looking for some garden themed scrapbook elements and they are a little difficult to find so I thought I would create some filler cards for Project Life.

Right click to save these.

Sunday, March 31, 2013

What I created at Sarah's Cards Retreat

A couple weeks ago Mom and I went up to Warrington for our second Mother/Daughter craft retreat (first with Sarah's Cards). It was an easy quick fun flight and then we started our classes.

Class One: This was the class with doodling - which I wasn't really looking forward too... I used a black and white photograph of my gran and great-granddad.  This was a good class to get into the crafting weekend.

Class Two: For the second class I used this photograph of my Grandma Violet.  This sheet of patterned paper from the kit went perfectly with the photograph.  The doilies were heat embossed... my heat embossing isn't that good but since we know own a heat gun it should get better.

Class Three: Love these papers! So many bright and eye aching designs!  We cut frames from the whole sheet of white cardstock and put squares of patterned paper behind and added decorated bright squares to the front. Love this technique.

Class Four: Normally I wouldn't go for these style of papers.  I worried about the use of roses and so much pink on this layout of Spot (a boy boy dog) but I think it shows his softer side.  The bows were made origami style from patterned paper.

Class Five: A project life styled class.  The Saturday before the retreat I still needed seven photographs for this class so I decided to do a Day In The Life.  It was fun doing these little cards and I learnt some new things for my Project Life.

Class Six: The last class. My mind was starting to get overused from all the creative so pretty much stuck to the instructions.  I used a photograph of me and Mom in Ireland last year.  I love this washi tape and the was enjoyable.

Sketch challenge:  The first challenge was a layout challenge.  I bought some papers from the charity table and used photographs from the Monday before the retreat when we had an avalanche of snow!!! A whole about 6 inches of snow in about 2 days! I used washi tape and a stencil and other bits I bought from the shop at the retreat.

Kit challenge:  We were all given a kit of papers and an alphabet set.  I wasn't going to do anything because I didn't find the papers inspiring but then I started cutting the flowers out of this sheet of paper and started to find the papers inspiring.  Just a simple photograph of my brothers when they were about 2 and 3.

And that's it.  I came home full of ideas and lots of new things to play with.  Already booked for another craft retreat for next year (sadly not with Sarah's Cards though).

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Mom's Latest Layout

It snowed on Monday and Tuesday.  I took a bunch of photographs after I got home early from work and while Mom was stuck in traffic for about 3 hours.  She created this layout for the March Challenge.

Thought I would get this up and linked before we go on our retreat so I wouldn't forget to post it before the deadline.

Currently listening to a couple songs The Chelsea Pensioners "Men in Scarlett" - it is odd that I know most/some of the words???

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Little Man

It's rare that I completely finish a layout in sitting. Lately I've had to put it to the side and think about it for a few days.  Maybe it's because its Layne.... I've had some photographs printed for ages and slotted them in a page protector for future scrapping.  I think this photograph is from last Summer.

It's for the Sarah;s Card Sketch Challenge. And came together easily with some left over papers, some washi tape, an old 'boy' sticker and some Amy Tan alphabets.

I love seeing my messy desk like this too!  It means I have had a good creative day!

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Project Life - Week Nine

 On Monday I went to get my fourth tattoo (insert). Love it! This is my scrapbook related tattoo... a couple arrows and the word 'explore'.

To remind me to 'explore' the world... my life...

Our dog (Sunner) had a stroke on Tuesday and died on Thursday... sad day. I took Friday as a 'holiday' and scrapped about her.  This photograph is the only one I could find of her at the moment.  I made a simple art card with some Studio Calico hexagon stickers, a velum polaroid frame and some red brads.
I got some new glasses on Saturday. Ones with re-action lenses so I won't be squinting and getting as many headaches when the sunshine makes an appearance.

I'm loving the Project Life movement.  It's interesting to see all the little things you do weekly instead of just the bigger things that make it into the scrapbook album.  I really love the different sized page protectors I got too.  I know that a few months ago I thought it was a mistake to start my first Project Life with the pressure of each page is different instead of Design A. 

Loving PL!  And love looking at other peoples! Share your/your favorite PL blogs!

Friday, March 8, 2013

Project Life - Week 7 and Week 8

 Week Seven.  Was a loooonnnnng week at work.  I created some art cards "Do More of What Makes Me HAPPY" with some Amy Tan papers. 
Week Eight.  I was walking to work on Monday or Tuesday and the thought "I am Worthy" popped into my head... not sure why but I knew I would include that in this week's project life.

I challenged myself to use my big camera everyday this week too.  Used some clear Day of The Week stamps and took a photograph. (Stamps aren't just for stamping! They can stick/cling to mirrors too for some great photographs).

My new Winter boots arrived.  I decided to get some new warmer winter boots (for next winter?!) since it didn't make sence to have freezing cold toes and needing to wear three pairs of thick socks...

The insert is full of photographs of me getting my third tattoo.  I took the day off work and Mom had a half day so she could take photographs for me.  It's a beautiful tattoo! (I'm in love!)  I had to include a screen capture of the comments from Jo-Ann on Facebook!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Project Life - Week 5 and Week 6

 Week Five.  Little Layne's birthday (but we had to celebrate a little later because I was sick, then Mom was sick...)  Even when I am sick and feel all yucky I still think I should do something! productive!!! So I attempted so slowly tidy a little of the craft room.
 And I am still aiming on tidying a little bit more of the craft room...

Week Six... I got a heater for my bedroom... meet my new fur nephew Spot (inset), played with fake tattoo paper.

Loving Project Life!

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Sarah's Card Sketch - Moms Layout

And I just realized that this challenge has ended....

I've been trying to get my Mom to do a few more layouts - usually by printing out a sketch and asking her to come up with something.  This is for Layne's album about his 2nd birthday.

We are going on a retreat in a few weeks and will be creating six layouts!!! I will just need to keep her calm and relaxed.  Whenever we are crafting away from home I find my lovely Mom gets flustered... (planning on making some little cards to remind her to relax and enjoy the time).

Thursday, February 28, 2013

One Little Word - Feb

For this months OLW prompt we had to create a collage or mood board keeping our word in mind.  I don't really read many magazines (other than craft or photography) and I didn't really want to buy any so I went on a more crafty pathway.

I started with stamping with my latest background stamp (herringbone design) and printed out quotes I found on Pinterest that 'spoke' to me.  A few little embellishments and washi tape and it was finished...

I'm not rushing with these prompts right now.  This has been on my desk for a few weeks so I can add things and think about things and enjoy the process, not get it finished the first weekend and Boom... it's done.  Sometimes you just need to take a step back.

Love this quote!

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Sarsh's Card Sketch Challenge

 I created this layout for the Sarah's Card sketch challenge.  I've stayed quite close to the original sketch.  Used my Instax to take these photographs which aren't really in focus but I wanted some simple close ups.
The hardest part was trying to think of a "A Very Long Title".  I like how much space this layout has and how open it is but still has detail.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

I am a scrapbooker and photographer


am a scrapbooker and photographer.
have piercings and tattoos.
have two nephews (one human, one fur).
love playing with papers.
wish I could do this all day every day.
enjoy travelling the world.
love going to craft retreats.
am learing TaiChi.
am aiming to read 50 books in 2013.
love nail polish.
love mother/daughter craft days.
was meant to live in a warmer climate than the uk.
love pinterest.
am doing Project Life for the first time.
am  trying to be FOCUSed and make DECISIONS!