Friday, March 8, 2013

Project Life - Week 7 and Week 8

 Week Seven.  Was a loooonnnnng week at work.  I created some art cards "Do More of What Makes Me HAPPY" with some Amy Tan papers. 
Week Eight.  I was walking to work on Monday or Tuesday and the thought "I am Worthy" popped into my head... not sure why but I knew I would include that in this week's project life.

I challenged myself to use my big camera everyday this week too.  Used some clear Day of The Week stamps and took a photograph. (Stamps aren't just for stamping! They can stick/cling to mirrors too for some great photographs).

My new Winter boots arrived.  I decided to get some new warmer winter boots (for next winter?!) since it didn't make sence to have freezing cold toes and needing to wear three pairs of thick socks...

The insert is full of photographs of me getting my third tattoo.  I took the day off work and Mom had a half day so she could take photographs for me.  It's a beautiful tattoo! (I'm in love!)  I had to include a screen capture of the comments from Jo-Ann on Facebook!

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