Saturday, March 9, 2013

Project Life - Week Nine

 On Monday I went to get my fourth tattoo (insert). Love it! This is my scrapbook related tattoo... a couple arrows and the word 'explore'.

To remind me to 'explore' the world... my life...

Our dog (Sunner) had a stroke on Tuesday and died on Thursday... sad day. I took Friday as a 'holiday' and scrapped about her.  This photograph is the only one I could find of her at the moment.  I made a simple art card with some Studio Calico hexagon stickers, a velum polaroid frame and some red brads.
I got some new glasses on Saturday. Ones with re-action lenses so I won't be squinting and getting as many headaches when the sunshine makes an appearance.

I'm loving the Project Life movement.  It's interesting to see all the little things you do weekly instead of just the bigger things that make it into the scrapbook album.  I really love the different sized page protectors I got too.  I know that a few months ago I thought it was a mistake to start my first Project Life with the pressure of each page is different instead of Design A. 

Loving PL!  And love looking at other peoples! Share your/your favorite PL blogs!

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