Sunday, May 12, 2013

Sarah's Card Sketch Challenge

 Finally got around to reading Life Of Pi and thought this would be good for a simple layout for the challenge at Sarah's Cards. I really want to see the dvd now!
 This is the 28th book I've read this year.  The "this years book #" is just below and free for your personal use.

The chevron stamp border, I carved out of a rubber stamp a few weeks ago.  I really like making my own stamps now and then.


  1. the border looks great! Great layout!

  2. Just popping in from link at Sarah's cards. Love the stamping! So clever to make your own stamp:)

  3. love the stamped border & the splashes of yellow - great!

  4. Hi Jeni! I just found you through Pinterest. I was wondering if your filler cards were still free. I can't find a link to print or download them anywhere. If you're still giving them away I'd love to print them out for my own PL album - they're adorable! And scrapping the books I read is an AWESOME idea! Thanks for the idea!! Brenda

    1. Thank you Brenda. You should be able to click on the picture above to save them. I'm loving keeping a track of the books I read... on book #11 so far this year.